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Double-Door freestanding refrigerator / freezer with interchangeable and adjustable compartments

Award winning design


Double-Door FS SBS910

  • Convertible Compartments:

    • Bottom compartments of the refrigerator can be converted from freezer to fridge mode, or vice versa, on demand.



    • Equipped with double compressors and two evaporators, it employs seperate air circulation for fridge and freezer compart- ments so that taste and odor transfer betvveen the fridge and freezer compartments is prevented. Furthermore, the vegetables are kept fresh longer.



    • Product Dimensions (HxWxD cm): 185x91x75
    • Gross / Net Volume: 620 lt./ 526 lt.
    • Refrigerator / Freezer Net Volume: 362 lt. / 164 lt.
    • Tropicalized


    General Features:

    • Convertible Freezer Sections
    • Vitastore
    • Touch Screen Electronic Display
    • Cold Wrap Cooling
    • DCTE: Double Compressor Twin Evaporators
    • Superior Internal Illumination
    • Fresh Zone with Self-Close
    • Super Quick Freeze & Cool
    • Economy Mode for Energy Saving
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